So you are thinking about getting a video for your website and that makes sense; video is engaging web content, drives traffic, increases search engine optimization (SEO) and is a fun way to connect with your audience. But what business goals can you accomplish through video?

Well, here is a list of ways that video can help you and your business:

Introduce your brand
There is no better way to introduce your brand to an online community than a video. A video will allow you to distill your business into an engaging piece of content that viewers can understand and relate to.

Excite new customers
Make a web commercial; It can be either serious or silly, as long as it creates a positive feeling or memory for the viewer. This will, in turn, encourage them to purchase your products or services.

Promote a product or service
Video is a great way to generate buzz around a specific product or service. It allows you to use both audio and visual cues to explain exactly what the product or service is, while allowing you to demonstrate its use. Most potential consumers want to see how something works before purchasing, and a video offer piece of mind for skeptical buyers.

Show off your accomplishments
There are several different ways to show off your business’s achievements through video. You can make a show reel that highlights all your recently completed projects or a video case study that looks deep into one specific project. Video testimonials are also a great way to show off your accomplishments; you have worked hard to build a relationship and keep the client happy, so why not let people about know it?

Showcase your events
Every event deserves a video. A video can help promote an event before it happens or offers a re-cap of an event that just happened. Hundred of hours go into events and conferences, so it is important to extend the engagement, even after the event has happened. It reminds the people that attended how amazing the event was, while informing people that didn’t attend how much fun was had. It may even convince them to get more involved in future events.

Add personality to your brand
Your business has a team of great people, so show them off. Your clients will connect more with your brand if they can put a face to the name. If you have a small team, short individual team bio videos are great ways to show the personality around the office. For a larger team, a more general video of the office is a great way to show who your company is from the inside out.

Educate your staff or customers
A tutorial video is great way to educate both staff and customers about your products or services. It is an excellent way to create a personal connection with the consumer while explaining how the product or service operates. You can also address FAQ’s with video. This makes a personal connection with the viewer and helps ensure that their questions are answered clearly and concisely.

Establish yourself as a thought leader
If you are an expert in your field, what better way to engage people than a video blog post (vlog). People are more likely to listen to your opinion that read it, so use video to share your knowledge, all while creating a strong personal brand.

The list can go on as to the reasons why video content is so valuable. It’s personal, it’s engaging, and it’s convincing. Let me know why you need a video and together we can collaborate and find a way to bring it to life.