In my last blog post, I highlighted some ways that video can help your business. The next question; how do we make that video worth watching? Although there are many factors that will affect the success of your video, here are some fundamentals to help ensure its success.

Have a clear purpose for you video.
The purpose of the video should never be just to have a video on your website. You should clearly define the purpose before you start.

Develop a story.
People enjoy stories. They take an emotional ride that peaks their curiosity, causing them to want to hear the conclusion. If you have developed a strong story, people will be more likely to watch your entire video and agree with the points you are trying to make.

Keep it short.
With all the distractions that exist today, it is important to keep your video short. People will watch the entirety of a 30 second video, but if you exceed the 2 minute mark, you may lose viewers. This could defeat the purpose of your video especially if the call to action is at the very end.

Keep it simple.
Since it is important to keep your video short, it becomes extremely important to keep it simple. You need to get your point across in a short time, so there is no need to dilute your message with off topic points or crazy visual effects.

Provoke emotion.
A great video will provoke some form of emotion. Whether that emotion is happiness, sadness or even anger, it can have a lasting effect even after the video has ended. This is often done through the development of your story but can be achieved by something as simple as ensuring that your talent is smiling in your video; because, after all, smiles are contagious.